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Discontinued Scents (Butters, Oils & Scrubs)

$14.00 $17.00

These scents have been discontinued from our product line. They will not be restocked once sold out. Please choose your product first (butter, scrub or oil) & then scent.

IMPORTANT: Any orders that include whipped body butters will ONLY ship on Mondays through Wednesdays to avoid sitting in warehouses or on trucks over the weekend. If the temperature rises above 85+ (in Georgia) on any of those days, they WILL NOT SHIP until the temperature drops again. Please also be mindful of the weather where the body butters are being shipped to when you place the order. We WILL NOT be held responsible for any butters that melt during transit because they are still safe and perfectly fine to use and will reharden if they arrive melted. Please plan accordingly.