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Car Air Fresheners


Are you tired of stale air and lingering odors from kids, food, gym clothes and pets?  Get rid of the cardboard tree and generic scents – it's time to transform your daily commute into an aromatic adventure!

Our wide variety of scented car air fresheners are designed to do more than just mask odors ... they'll paint the air with vibrant scents that linger long after you've parked! The scents last for weeks at a time and they're super easy to use. 

    To Use: Unscrew the wooden top, remove the plastic stopper and then screw the wooden top back on. Hang on your rearview mirror and then tilt the jar completely upside down until the fragrance oil saturates the lid of the wooden top (a little goes a long way). Each time you want to refresh the scent, simply tilt the jar upside down again for a couple of seconds. If you tilt it to the side, fragrance oil will leak out of the holes on the side where the strings are. Be sure to flip it completely upside down to avoid spillage. 

    IMPORTANT: Please note that if you oversaturate the wooden top, it can cause the fragrance oil to drip down on to your car's interior and it may cause staining or peeling. Keep away from open flames and out of the reach of children and pets.